pre-clinical Services

Bio-Sell offers a range of preclinical services to help fit your needs and successfully complete the tests and experiments needed for the preliminary stages of your drug development study.Our staff at Bio-Sell is highly experienced in various working techniques such as: operations, transplants, infection of animals, sample collection and organ harvest and analysis.
Our staff is also experienced in documenting and reporting the results of all assays. Bio-Sell’s expertise covers various research areas:
PK studies, diabetes studies, stem cells, toxicity studies, reaction to antibodies, transplant studies, autoimmune diseases models, cancer models, and other study types.
All studies, documentation and reports are carried under GLP-like conditions.Studies can be performed in the client’s facility or in an appropriate facility, holding all required licenses and permits from the Ministry of Health and the Ethical Committee.
The analysis of harvested tissue or collected material is done in well accessorized laboratories.Bio-Sell will perform the preclinical trial for you, sum up the results and report them to you.For further information please contact:
Phone: Ofer 054- 4570926 | Fax: 03-9502960 | Email: